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Jody's Note:

Give The Feather Duster a try, you wont be disappointed! 

Feather Duster Series

Price each: $22.99


Muskie Getters has come out with a new lure called The Feather Duster. It looks just like a feather duster to dust off those lazy muskies into biting. The feather duster was designed by owner and lure maker Jody Booth. With the use of blades and Feather, this gives the lure a pulsating  action in the water. 

The Feather Duster has a 1oz allowing it to sink quicker to where the fish are. Size 7 blades make this lure age friendly. This is a great beginner and elderly lure as well because it's easy to work. The Feather Duster can be brought through weeds and cabbage. The Feather Duster can be fished all day with less burnout than lures with larger blades. 

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