About Muskie Getters

The History of Muskie Getters™

 Jody with a Muskie

Jody Booth is an avid Muskie Fisherman who made some of his own baits to fish with. Then soe of his close friends and family said, "You should start selling these!" So, in 2007 Jody founded Muskie Getters™ and started the way many others do, in their garage/basement. And to this day all of his lures are still hand crafted right in his home.

Muskie Getters™ is still a small lure manufacturer and is starting to grow. Jody makes all his lures by hand using only American Made components.

Jody is also a member of Muskie Inc. In 2003 Jody came up with an idea to take veterans who served our country out for a day of muskie fishing. So, as a result, every year Jody and Between the Lakes club members host a vets' outing. They take out about 14 - 18 vets whose service ranges from WWII to present day, with over 140 vets having participated in the program thus far.

Jody has writen three articles on the program, which have been published in Muskie Inc. Magazine. Since Jody started this program, other club chapters of Muskie Inc. have started their own vets' outings. The idea has caught on with other organizations as well, such as clubs in Iowa and South Dakota taking vets pheasant hunting and pro muskie guides taking vets who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.Jody with large muskie

Jody has also donated lures for the Between the Lakes chapter banquet, and now donates four lures, an American flag, and a guided muskie fishing trip for a veteran at the banquet. Even after Jody lost his job as result of work being sent overseas, he still donates to this program, giving every veteran an American flag. Jody has donated over $3,000 out of his pocket for the program so far.

If you know anyone who has served our country in the armed forces, Thank Them. Freedom is a wonderful thing to have, and life is a wonderful gift, so live it to its fullest!

Thank you, and God bless.